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  • Specialize in providing ODM/OEM service

    -Custom Made fulfill various of ideas.

    -Made in Taiwan.

  • Multiple Cell Source & Vertical Integration Service

  • Quality Always First Priority

    -Experienced Worldwide Safety Certificates.

Taiwan Factory

Successfully developed and mass-produced a variety of BMS intelligent battery management systems, which are widely used in industrial equipment, power tools, smart home appliances, micro mobility, power energy storage and daily life products.

Possess several patents for inventions and utility models.

Fully support from Japanese cell maker, also invest our own polymer cell factory. Cylindrical, Prismatic & Polymer models are ready to accomplish the mission.

Potable Power Models

1KW Model

- Cylindrical Lithium-iron phosphate battery

  • Cooling Fans are installed on the side of body (L/R)
  • The Operating Interface can be customized
  • Metal Case & PC+ABS Top Case

2KW Model

- Cylindrical Lithium-iron phosphate battery

  • Handle Grip on the top / Cooling Fans on the back
  • Design with wheels, easy to move
  • The Operating Interface can be customized
  • Expandable Capacity (Dual Battery / Similar Outline )

5G Telecom Backup Battery

  • Keep telecom station alive
  • In case of losing signal
  • On-peak and off-peak application

  • Rating: 48V 100Ah (4.8KWh-15S1P)
  • Cell Model: 3.2V 100Ah / Li-FePO4 Prismatic

E-Bike Battery

  • Product Parameters: 36V~48V Electric bicycle battery, built-in high quality battery cells
  • BMS Strong Protections: Protect the e-bike battery from overcharge, over discharge, overcurrent, overvoltage and short circuit, extend the electric battery pack life.
  • Bluetooth monitoring: Monitor and read complete parameters through our APP.


  • Polly DP-2170-4C
    DP-2170-5C / DP-5C / DP-6C



  • EEL-Pro

  • Custom Made 1

  • Custom Made 2

  • RHINO IR-5


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