• power products:
    E-Bike, E-Scooter&Storage demand grows uprapidly,
    power battery is the trigger of human future.
  • 3C Consumer Electronic Device:
    In daily life, electronic devices become slim and
    tiny constantly, just easy for carry and use.
  • IOT Product Application:
    The IOT generation is coming,
    transform the real world into digital,
    no limitation for everything.


A new born battery expert and the resume of APack.

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Quality & Safety

Establish well-control system then make our customers feel reliable and stable.

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Factory Survey

Lead in fully auto lines to raise production yield rate gradually.

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Contact Us

Welcome all battery inquiries & questions, our specialist will respond to you.

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APack is committed to green energy development, building a new generation of energy storage and application.
Customize of customer what they need to reduce energy consumption.

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Wearable、Tablet、Medical、Portable Electronic Device、Internet、Energy Storage、Anti-explosion、Power、Wisdom Home Life、Internet Of Things、Wireless Charge…etc.